AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-29Adding course slides and exercises.HEADmasterHaidong Ji
2018-12-28Max exp value with paren done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-27Knapsack partition3 done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-26Knapsack maximize gold done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-25Longest subsequence (3 seqs) done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-25Longest Subsequence (betwee 2) done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-23Longest Common Subsequence of two sequences not doneHaidong Ji
2018-12-21String Edit Distance done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-19Primitive Calculator done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-17Coin change Dynamic Programming done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-15Closest Pair done!Haidong Ji
2018-12-09Organizing lottery done!Haidong Ji
2018-11-27Inversion count done!Haidong Ji
2018-11-23Improved QuickSort done!Haidong Ji
2018-10-30Majority Element done!Haidong Ji
2018-10-05Binary search recursive approachHaidong Ji
2018-10-05Binary search done.Haidong Ji
2018-10-02Maximize salary done!Haidong Ji
2018-10-02Checking in for pulling from laptop.Haidong Ji
2018-09-28Max num of prize places done!Haidong Ji
2018-09-26Push merged back to masterHaidong Ji
2018-09-26Covering Segments done!Haidong Ji
2018-09-22Check in for my Wisconsin marathon tripHaidong Ji
2018-09-14Rebuilding Lenovo w520Haidong Ji
2018-09-07Max Dot Product done.Haidong Ji
2018-09-07Fractional Knapsack done!Haidong Ji
2018-09-07Stress tested according to week 1 pdf, found and fixed bug!Haidong Ji
2018-09-05Buggy FractionalKnapsack for now. Work on a python version first.Haidong Ji
2018-09-02Changing Money Greedy Algo done.Haidong Ji
2018-08-29Last digit of partial sum done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-27Last digit of sum of Fibs done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-26Improved the code by getting rid of fib calculation!Haidong Ji
2018-08-24Improved fib by getting rid of arrayHaidong Ji
2018-08-23Done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-19Least Common Multiple done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-19GCD done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-14Last digit of fib and some renaming refactoring!Haidong Ji
2018-08-12Fibonacci naive recursive and 1st optimization done!Haidong Ji
2018-08-07Made FastScanner a static class member instead of an independent class.Haidong Ji
2018-08-07Used FastScanner. Had to change "static class" to "final class"Haidong Ji
2018-08-06Maximum Pairwise Product done!Haidong Ji
2018-07-28Initial commitHaidong Ji