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masterDijkstra shortest path done, using PriorityQueue. Don't give up! Very rewarding!Haidong Ji13 months
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2021-07-05Dijkstra shortest path done, using PriorityQueue. Don't give up! Very rewarding!HEADmasterHaidong Ji
2020-07-19Bipartite check done! One of the problems with my code was I ran bfs for all ...Haidong Ji
2020-07-16BFS distance done. Following pseudo code, not too bad.Haidong Ji
2020-07-14Strongly Connected Component done. It's easy after I struggled with topologic...Haidong Ji
2020-07-12Finally Topological sort done! I started from scratch and used Array, not Arr...Haidong Ji
2020-07-10Checking in implementation with stack. Didn't pass the grader. I'm checking i...Haidong Ji
2020-05-23Topological sort not done yet. The program is correct but not efficient. I ma...Haidong Ji
2020-05-20Check if DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) done. In the exercise it's Checking Con...Haidong Ji
2020-05-16ConnectedComponents (Adding Exits to Maze) done. I didn't build my test cases...Haidong Ji
2020-05-10Reachability done. I found it much easier to work with Java than Python. I tr...Haidong Ji